CITYMAKERS Future of Living - Focus Group (FOL)

Existing housing projects offer few options with regard to cost, size and demographic mix both in Germany and China. Conventional project planning pays little attention to the aspirations of urban residents and their desires to live in urban communities that are inclusive and inspiring. The FOL asks what it takes to make housing more inclusive, sustainable and affordable.

CITYMAKERS Culture and Identity - Focus Group

The Wuhan Narrative - Focus Group looks to produce and reactivate discourses about the value of cultural heritage in today’s society and urban context as it considers heritage architecture to be an important part of a city’s cultural heritage and general urban identity.

CITYMAKERS Urban Farming - Focus Group (UFI)

The Urban Farming - Focus Group recognizes the potential that urban farms present for ecological, social and educational aspects of urban sustainability. The project team will look to further knowledge generation as well as best-practice action for urban farming and livable city making.

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