The 2016 CITYMAKERS Meet-Up in Berlin

What should the city of tomorrow look like? From September 27 until September 29, 2016 the first CITYMAKERS Meet-Up took place in Berlin. The group of around 80 invitees from 11 cities in China and 14 cities in Germany was powerful, wide-spread and cross-cut through hierarchies, age groups, disciplines and cultures: From city government leaders, such as the State Secretary of Hamburg, Mr. Schmidt, and Mr. Kronmüller from the city of Berlin, to young entrepreneurs such as Kenny Choi, founder of the social innovation platform “Bottle Dream”’.

While many urbanization related Sino-Foreign discussions revolve around concepts like the Smart City, Eco City, Low Carbon or Future City, the CITYMAKERS program is taking a human-centric approach, looking at the “Liveable City” as a framework to scout for new ideas. What constitutes livable urban spaces in Germany and China? What can we learn from each other in this field?

The CITYMAKERS team was honored to have CEO of the Robert Bosch foundation, Uta Micaela-Duerig, come in for the opening of the CITYMAKERS Meet-Up. Encouraging the participants, she was followed by SUN Jiangning from the Chinese Society for Urban Studies and Director of the Livable Center of China Eco-City Academy. Outstanding architects such as SONG Qun from Xian, curator of “Something about Food” at the Venice Biennale joined the ranks of Liu YI, co-Founder of the CHINABRENNER in Leipzig. Students from Bauhaus University Weimar attended, bringing the collective “RAUMSTATION” to the CITYMAKERS Meet-Up, an idea lab that documented our city making journey.

One umbrella, different actors

Six subgroups explored different facets of what constitutes a city. New forms of housing, cultural urban identities, drawing city designs, exploring urban gardens, and discovering Berlin city as a lab as well as leveraging city-to-city cooperation were the six subgroups planted seeds for further collaboration.

At the last evening of the CITYMAKERS Meet-Up, all city innovators came together to “pitch” their ideas during a public presentation in the premises of the Robert Bosch Foundation. These ideas are the starting point for rethinking social innovation in cities across Germany and China.

…and the CITYMAKING goes on

We are already identifying the next worthwhile challenges to take on: While maintaining the community power of this dedicated group of CITYMAKERS, we will establish the mechanisms and support tools to further enable and support the incubation of ideas. CITYMAKERS is all about turning good ideas into great ideas and help implement them!


Foto: © Jan Siefke 


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