Wer ist unterwegs?
Julianne Becker is the co-founder of COCONAT Bad Belzig. She talked with CITYMAKER China - Germany about their community co-working space in the hinterlands of Berlin and the collaboration with the local town administration.
One of the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s main fields of engagement is that of international understanding. The Stiftung believes that global challenges can only be solved through cooperation across borders and cultures. 
Interview mit Benedikt Härlin, Leiter des Berliner Büros der Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft und Koordinator des Projekts „Weltacker“.
Jianchao Wang, founder of aobag.com, set up this company to increase the recycling rate of urban garbage in China through complete market means and IT technologies.
Jeden Samstag bei Wind und Wetter und dies seit mehr als 10 Jahren treffen sich in Beijing Naturfreunde zu einer Wanderung entlang der Gewässer in und um die 21 Millionen Metropole. Zhang Junfeng (张俊峰), Ökologe der Beijing Agricultural University hat die Bewegung Le Shui Xing im März 2007 ins Leben gerufen.
Kelai (Claire Diebel) passion is for green infrastructure design and research. She has earned her a one-year research grant to investigate building integrated agriculture and bridge findings between Germany, US, and China.
"Shining Stone”hopes to break the cycle of top-down decision-making in neighborhoods and strives to create the possibility for more equal and more effective dialogue. 
Dr. Pan Tao studied environmental management at the BTU Cottbus and, inspired by the concept of the German "Schrebergarten" ("allotment garden"), brought the model back to China.
Yang Fan, Founder of China Endangered Culture Protectors, Wuhan.
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