Wohin des Weges?

CITYMAKERS-Authority – Stadtmacherbehörde – 城市创者官员

By RAUMSTATION Weimar–Berlin

The collective RAUMSTATION Weimar–Berlin participated in the first CITYMAKERS Meet-Up in Berlin. RAUMSTATION's mission at the Meet-Up: Not only starting a discourse, but bringing potential city makers together in the CITYMAKERS Authority. Being a prototype in form of a temporary micro-architecture, it docks to a certain public or private place and disrupts its functionality by adding an additional space within space. Providing input to trigger a reaction, it lives from an equal interplay between in- and output. Through processing, reflecting and exhibiting, it provides added value for the RAUMSTATION as researchers in the field of city making as well as for the participants and locals. Using artistic and social science methodologies, CITYMAKERS Authority activates neighbours, passers-by and interested people to interact with RAUMSTATION and each other within the open structure of the Authority. 

The emerging discourse is (self-) documented through various media and documentation techniques. Additionally, it enables us to locate potential city makers and encourage the strengthening of a network in the form of follow-up formats. Substantially and visually processed as well as enriched with individual perspectives, the input is presented in diverse and locally specific formats, e.g. urban interventions. 
This may range from plain exhibitions of the input to encouraging a discourse about one's own opinions, to a multimedia artistic installation or a performance. CITYMAKERS Authority provides the possibility to research controversial sites in China and Germany, understanding public spaces to be prepared for cultural differences and identifying possible city makers. 

Working action-oriented, it leaves space for communication and representation of alternative CITYMAKERS ideas in public. This opens up the opportunity to not only act and research in an intercultural context, but jointly developed projects in an intercultural and interdisciplinary team: e.g. docking to Chinese student collectives. 

Tao Han, Gunnar Grandel, Felix Joosten, David Hees, Hanna Rentschler, Paula Pons from Bauhaus-Universität in Weimar; Ana Martin Yuste, Silvan Hagenbrock from TU Berlin; Zhong Yuan, Robert Bosch Media Ambassador; Hang Su 

Read now the RAUMSTATION CITYMAKERS-Authority Report:


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