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4.-8. November 2019 | 16th International Conference on Urban Health  (ICUH 2019)

What | This conference is organized under the title People Oriented Urbanisation: Transforming Cities for Health and Well-Being. People oriented urbanisation is about liveable, sustainable and healthy cities. People’s health and well-being in cities is very much determined by the environments in which they live, work, and interact. Better understanding of how urban environments affect people’s mental, social and physical health is critical to creating liveable and healthy cities and communities.
The conference has identified six thematic priorities:
1. Integrated Governance, Resilience and Health Risk Reduction
2. Climate Change and Healthy Cities
3. Economy, Trade, Employment and Social Inclusion
4. Emerging Diseases, Healthcare and Public Services
5. Urban-Rural Recoupling, Soil Security and Migration
6. Liveable Urban Environments, Urban Planning and Design
Who |   International Society for Urban Health
Where: Xiamen, China


What | A 2 ½ day competence building retreat/training on social business methods and tools tailored to citymakers between China and Germany wanting to move from good idea to great idea to realisation.
Who | CONSTELLATIONS’ CITYMAKERS-team: Contact: Luisa Keinprecht, lk@constellations-international.com 
Where | Projektraum Drahnsdorf

2.-5. May | Kick-off Bosch Alumni Network Cluster “Sustainable Living Spaces” 

What | The kick-off will serve as a starting point to establish the cluster as a platform for further exchange across Robert Bosch Stiftung programs such as Actors of Urban Change, Baladiya, CITYMAKERS China – Germany, Neulandgewinner, etc. It will provide the basis for future self-organized activities and projects of cluster members. 
Who | Kollektiv Raumstation Wien e.V. Contact: kickoff@raumstation.org  
Where | Vienna

4.-5. April | Vierter Runder Tisch Kommunale Partnerschaften mit China

What | “Branchen-Treff” für ReferentInnen und EntscheidungsträgerInnen deutscher Städte mit China-Partnerschaften und Projekten und AkteurInnen der Zivilgesellschaft 
Who | SKEW - Servicestelle Kommunen in der Einen Welt, Kontakt: doreen.eismann@engagement-global.de
Where | Rotes Rathaus Berlin, Rathausstraße 15

1.-5. April | UAS-Spring Campus Conference 2019 

What | Conference on the topic of ‘The Future is Now: Driving Sustainable Development’
Who | University Alliance for Sustainability (UAS), FU - Free University Berlin, Contact: katrin.risch@fu-berlin.de 
Where | FU Berlin Campus

28.-29. March | City.Country.Life.

What | International Conference: Sustainable Planning Strategies in Landscape Architecture for Garden Cities as a Form of Urban-Rural Integration in Stagnating and Shrinking Regions
Who | Hochschule Anhalt, Contact: Prof. Dr. Nicole Uhrig, Tel.: +49 (0) 3471 355 1215, nicole.uhrig(at)hs-anhalt.de  
Where | Hochschule Anhalt; Bernburg - Campus - Innovationswerkstatt, Strenzfelder Allee 28, 06406 Bernburg 

4.-9. March | Start-up Delegation Trip to China

What | Trip for entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem builders who already are or want to start working, building and creating in China
Who | StartUp AsiaBerlin (platform established by the Berlin Ministry, implemented by enpact e.V), Contact: Colette Beukmann, cb@enpact.org
Where | Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong

October - November 2018

23 Nov | CITYMAKERS Glocal Learning Community Meet-Up

What | Informal Meet-Up and glocal space for exchange for everyone working or studying on city topics between Berlin/Germany and China, incl. CITYMAKERS members and those of other networks, e.g. URBANI[XX] by the China Center of TU Berlin, other Robert Bosch Stiftung supported programs such as the Actors of Urban Change etc. - are welcome!

Why | Beyond all virtual and social networking opportunities, nothing beats the quality of a nice off-line meeting creating connection over a good cup of tea.

Where | CONSTELLATIONS International C*SPACE Berlin Studio, Langhansstraße 86 / 13086 Berlin

21 Oct | Sino-German Garden Berlin: Harvest Party // Erntedankfest
Host | CITYMAKERS Sino-German Gardening Group and Max Pflanzen
Where | Lichtenberger Straße 32-34, Berlin

30 Oct - 3 Nov | Sensitive Urban Renewal - A Sino-German Dialogue 
What | Investigation journey & workshop program
Host | NAX - Network for Architecture Exchange, Federal Chamber of German Architects   
Where | Beijing and Shanghai
Contact in Berlin | LAEGE@NAX.BAK.DE
Contact in China | ae@constellatoins-international.com

30 Oct | Industrial Legacy – Sustainable Future
What | Workshop, Multistakeholder Meeting
Host | ICLEI Beijing Office
Where | Beijing   
Contact | rebecca.wessinghage@iclei.org (ICLEI, Bonn)

6 Nov | Mapping Creative Cities Connections Berlin 柏林 Beijing 北京
What | Workshop
Host | Goethe-Institut China in cooperation with CITYMAKERS and supported by the Senate Chancellery of the The Governing Mayor of Berlin and its Division for International Relations
Where | Goethe-Institut Beijing
Contact | lk@constellations-international.com

8 - 10 Nov | Culture and Architecture as Drivers for Rural Development
What | International Conference
Host | Songyang County Government and AEDES Architecture Forum & Network Campus Berlin
Where | Songyang County

8 - 10 & 14 Nov | City of Shifting Energies in the Context of the Hybrid City
What | Academy Program with Lab Lectures/Field Trips/Symposium
Host | Urban Media Art ACADEMY
Where | Beijing

2018 1. Halbjahr

Berlin June 14 until July 1, 2018

A city-wide international festival for architecture and urban alternatives, spanning over 17 days and featuring over 120 events: exhibitions, workshops, urban tours and studio talks, along with 9 days of conference programme at the festival centre

April 28th, 2018

Workshop and urban gardening tour by CITYMAKERS Urban Farming Incubator 2-3:30 pm @Urban Farming Guided Tour Berlin Mitte 4-8 pm @Sino-German Gardening Workshop

Mapping Creative Cities Connections Berlin-Beijing
April 27th. 2018

A workshop as a 1st step to investigate: How can we leverage the collaborative potential of Beijing and Berlin as sister-cities at the interface of urbanism, culture & creativity?

CITYMAKERS Incubator Presentations
April 26th 2018, 6pm in AEDES Architecture Forum Berlin

CITYMAKERS Focus Groups: Urban Farming Incubator, Future of Living and Wuhan Narrative will present their work in the AEDES Architecture Forum Berlin. Please join us for incredible projects and a lively exchange!  

Asia-Pacific Week Berlin 
April 23 - 29, 2018

In 1997 the Governing Mayor of Berlin initiated the Asia-Pacific Weeks Berlin (APW) which are now an international trademark of a Europe-wide unique platform for interdisciplinary, European-Asian dialogue with players from various fields to global relevant themes e.g. Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Startups and their innovations. The APW distinguish themselves from other business conferences about Asia by functioning as an umbrella brand, integrating economic, cultural, scientific, political, and social events. The APW also strengthen Berlin’s sister city arrangements with Beijing, Jakarta, and Tokyo. In 2015 the APW started to be an annual event.


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