Recommendations by CITYMAKERS Urban Farming - Focus Group
Food and thus food security is a basic need that affects everyone. this has led to the global urban farming movement. the urban Farming incubator is looking for scalable solutions for urban farming by creating a platform for know- ledge exchange between China and Germany.  
CITYMAKERS Urban Farming Manual
Urban farming helps strengthen communities, gives city dwellers a sense of accomplishment, offers benefits of exercise, builds on community and individual resourcefulness.
CITYMAKERS Urban Farming Incubator Members: 

Berlin Team:
WU Yimeng
, Designer, founder of Studio Wu 無 (Berlin), Art Director of CITYMAKERS China – Germany 
GONG Wenye, Landscape architect, M.Sc. TU Berlin
Claire (Kelai) Diebel, M.A. Tongji University 2016 in Architecture, Founder of www.upfarming.net
Cecilia Antoni, Cultural manager, author, filmmaker and expert on cooking with pulses (beanbeat.de) 
Maxim Paul, student of horticulture at Humboldt University Berlin 

Shanghai Team:
Dr. PAN Tao
, Founder of Institute of Sustainable Environment and Energy, owner of Ecoland Club Farm  
Dr. CHENG Yiheng, Adjunct Professor at Tongji University Shanghai at the College of Design & Innovation
Dr. Eva Sternfeld, Senior Consultant on China's urban and rural development, environmental protection and food safety 


Visual impressions

Cecilia Antoni, WU Yimeng, GONG Wenye and Dr. PAN Tao @AEDES Berlin, April 2018 © www.jansiefke.de