Wuhan Narrative
Recommendations by CITYMAKERS Wuhan Narrative - Focus Group
The Wuhan narrative culture and identity incubator team acts on the assumption that culture is at the heart of the liveable city and expresses the state of social, civil and urban development. it also represents the contemporary and historic values of a society
Wuhan Local Voice

Cultural heritage in Wuhan is evidence of the past and a signpost to the future. It would be horrible to live in a city with no trace of the past, said YANG Fan, Founder of China Endangered Culture Protectors and Wuhan Heritage Walks.

CITYMAKERS Culture and Identity: Wuhan Narrative Members: 

Dr. Eduard Kögel, Urban planner, architecture historian, publicist and curator

YANG Fan, Founder of CECP Wuhan (China Endangered Culture Protectors)

Dr. Ines Eben von Racknitz, scholar, sinologist & historian, professor at Nanjing University 

Silvan Hagenbrock, B.Sc. Urbanistik, CITYMAKERS China – Germany Editor, co-founder Kollektiv Raumstation


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Dr. Eduard Kögel, YANG Fan, Silvan Hagenbrock. April 2018, Berlin.