Was passiert konkret?

北京—柏林 学习中的城市地图 

Mapping the Existing ‒ Revealing Opportunities
记录当下,展望未来 —— 宜居城市建设的互相学习和不断创新
For the twin cities to further learn and innovate for liveable city making 

The twin cities of Berlin and Beijing share strong cultural vitality as part of their identities. Although the parameters are different, urban innovation and the need for sustainable transformation are challenges to both cities equally. How can cities and their actors learn globally from each other across cultures while acting locally and enriching the diversity of their cities? How do the two cities relate to each other and why? Who are the people that embody both cities’identities equally and create the linkage? What are the places and spaces of interest for mutual study? What activities have shaped the relationship so far and what is their potential? What are the relevant ideas for future collaboration? Viewed through a “CITYMAKERS-lens”and focused on aspects of a “liveable city”, this map reflects an eco-system of relations and ideas we consider relevant for future exchange, e.g. new models of housing, approaches to cultural and industrial heritage, urban green and community culture, or sustainable mobility concepts. The map is a snapshot taken between April and November 2018 meant as a start to keep on revealing learning opportunities. Site investigation to be continued!